Overview of the Competition


2024 Daegu Marathon (WA Gold Label)


April 7th, 2024. (Sun) 8:00 AM (KST)


Daegu Stadium And Downtown Area


Elite Full(42.195km)


Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea Association of Athletics Federations /
Daegu Sports Council, Daegu Association of Athletics Federation


Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)



Category Prize money
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
(men and women)
$160,000 $80,000 $45,000 $27,000 $20,000 $14,000 $11,000 $9,000 $8,000 $7,000
(men and women)
20 million won 10 million won 5 million won 3 million won 2 million won 1 million won - - - -
Domestic leader
(men and women)
5 million won - - - - - - - - -
Team's award
(Men, Women)
10 million won 4 million won 3 million won 2 million won 1 million won Total records of 3 members per team
(within 2:30:00 for men, within 3:00:00 for women)
Korean time Bonus Man : 20 million won within 2:09:30, 10 million won within 2:11:30, 5 million won within 2:13:00
Woman : 20 million won within 2:26:00, 10 million won within 2:30:00, 5 million won within 2:32:00
Etc. ■ world record: ₩100,000,000 (Men 2:00:35, Women 2:11:53)
※ If there are multiple record achievements, one excellent person in the record reduction time is selected. ■ New record for competition Daegu Marathon's New Record : $10,000 (Man 2:05:33 / Women 2:21:56)
Korea New Record : 100 million won for men and women (Men 2:07:20, Woman 2:25:41)
Daegu Marathon’s domestic athlete’s new record: 10 million won (Men 2:08:30 Woman 2:28:17)
※ If there are multiple record achievements, one excellent person in the record reduction time is selected. ■ Regulations on the Invitation Fee and Reduction of Competition’s Prize Money 1st place in overseas category (Penalty applied)
- Men (over 2:05:00, $130,000), (over 2:06:00, $100,000)
- Women (over 2:20:00, $130,000), (over 2:21:00, $100,000)
50% Reduction in overseas category : Men (over 2:11:00), Women (over 2:32:00)
Excluding prize money for domestic athletes: Men (over 2:30:00), Women (over 3:00:00)
Only the rank is recognized.

※ Penalty regulation for domestic prize money is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the host organization.


Application for participation according to your health status

Players must check their health status before registration.

The Host is not responsible for injuries or accidents during the competition. Except we bear the medical expenses under the insurance company’s regulations.


Insurance range

- ' During the competition' refers to 'from participating in a marathon competition to the right before dissolving it.'

- Injuries are defined as sudden and accidental external shocks and are when external shocks damage the body.

- Diseases are defined as medical encounters caused inside the body. Especially during marathon races,
the following diseases frequently happen; Myocardial infarction, Cerebral haemorrhage, Dyspnoea, Vomiting, and Myalgia. (Most Medical encounters can be considered as diseases except sprains, fractures and stab wounds)

- Marathon injury after-effect disorder refers to the permanent damage that remains on the body even after being cured of medical encounters(injury) during a marathon competition and would be paid according to the disability rate of disability. Only after-effects related to the injury are included, and underlying diseases are not paid for.

- After the competition, deaths caused by excessive drinking may be investigated.
There is no compensation for unrelated medical encounters to the marathon. Therefore, we ask you to avoid actions that cause difficulties in recovering your body after a competition,
such as drinking right after the exercise.

* Currently, due to changes in the Financial Supervisory Service's regulations, medical fees that have been implemented so far cannot be applied. (Article 7-50 (2) 2 of the Insurance Business Supervision Regulations)

* For the above reasons, the organizers are unable to pay for injury treatment and disease treatment,
so we inform you that participants have to sign up for the medical expenses individually.